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Yelp's Crackdown

Yelp’s Social Crackdown

Search Engine Marketing is highly competitive and many businesses are struggling to find an edge.  Should it come as a surprise that some companies are tempted to take shortcuts to gain this edge?  In our last blog we commented on why purchasing “likes” is a bad idea for businesses, customers, and the industry.

Today, I came across this article and I wanted to share it with you.  In the latest article, published by investorplace.com, Yelp is cracking down on companies that purchase favorable consumer reviews.  The article suggests that Yelp is doing undercover work by running ads in Craiglist, which promise a favorable review for payment.

Nine companies will have a message attached to their profiles for the next 90 days.

Not the best advertising for growing your brand and gaining trust.  In addition, they will monitor IP addresses to ensure the reviews are not coming from the same IP.

Tips for Social Media Engagement with Your Customers

The great thing is that business technologies may evolve, but the fundamentals remain the same:

  1. Engage your customers and ask them for feedback on your service(s) or product(s).
  2. Ask them if they like their experience enough to refer others.
  3. Let them know you are on FaceBook and Yelp, so they can easily refer others.
  4. Ask them to “Like” your Facebook page and share with their friends.
  5. Ask them if they would be willing to review your business on Yelp.
Most people are likely to be very happy to help your business, if they enjoy their experience.  The only step is to ask the question and be willing to accept all forms of feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

What Not To Do

It’s important to remember your reviews should be based on the merits of your business, service(s), or product(s).  DO NOT offer free services for any reviews, likes, etc.

Article to Follow:  Yelp Hunting Down Paid Reviews

If you need assistance with establishing or improving a social media presence for your business, we can help.