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Facebook Scams

It’s great to be “Liked”.. or is it?


Something for companies to avoid in the effort to expand their social media community.

Recently, I was asked about purchasing “Likes” to improve a company’s social media presence.  My first reaction..what a horrible idea.  This is gaming the system and stifles innovation by investing your money inservices that will eventually get you in trouble.  Invest in the creative process, your message, and engaging your customers in meaningful ways.  Invest  in companies that will help you improve the social experience for your company and customers.

On a positive note, it did prompt me to revisit the spamming trend, as it relates to social media.  Sadly, my search efforts found several companies offering this service.

Based on some great articles, the details provide a cautionary tale for companies and organizations.  Some of the exposed companies appear to have been misled about the services they were purchasing.  Or perhaps the need for the competitive edge pushed some buyers to make poor decisions.  The is certainly not a trend that is isolated to social media.  The good news is that the Social Media companies are investing heavily to stop spam on social media platforms.  The bad news, for buyers, is this type of behavior violates the terms of use for the social media sites and your presence could be removed.

Protect your brand and reputation by knowing the facts.

Entrusting a Company with your Social Media Management and Reputation.

First, you want an ethical company working for you.  When you hire a vendor to help you with search engine optimization or social media optimization, you want to ensure they use “white hat” techniques or ethical methods.  What are the company’s methods?  How they are generating the “Likes” or “Followers” for your company?  Social Media Marketing campaigns are typically designed with your marketing team’s participation.  If a company is offering to generate an audience without your marketing input or details towards the approach, take a long pause and then politely excuse yourself from the meeting.

The importance of doing the “work” to build a social media presence.  

First and foremost, it comes down to authenticity and integrity.  Your community appreciates honestly in your business practices.  This is especially important when they consider doing business with you or refer their friends.  Trustworthiness is a key to long-term engagement.  Secondly, you are shortchanging your organization from your social community and it matters.

Why Your Social Media Community Matters.

Lead by example.  We asked our social media community to provide us with feedback on our site launch.  Every person that we approached was willing and did provide insightful feedback.  I love hearing about all the things that we do well.  More importantly, the constructive feedback on improvements is a significant benefit.

Based on the support of our social community, we were able to get feedback from people all over the US.  Most of the feedback was fairly consistent, which helped us prioritize our focus.  Each person also provided their unique insights into some of the smaller details regarding design or how we organized information.  This is great to know and we thank everyone for their participation.

Social Media is all about Engagement.

Once folks reviewed our site and liked what they saw, we saw our “likes” and social mentions improve.  Now that we have their feedback, we have the opportunity to make these changes and keep them updated on our progress.  As we progress, we follow up to let them know that we are listening and their advice helped create positive change.  We do this because we care and their voices do matter.

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