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Google Business Listing

Claim Your Google Listing

Local Business Listings and Optimizing Your Listings

As a business, we all want to gain new clients.  For me this really speaks to how we work with our clients.  We provide our services to assist companies, save them time, and provide expertise.  In reality, many companies can do most of their local listing updates, if they have the time and energy.

Clients typically choose to work with us, because we do a comprehensive campaign research on potential search traffic, web site optimization, and the required back link work to get them well placed.  This allows the business owners/managers or companies to focus on running their business.

For those owners that want to claim their free business listing, here is what you need to know about getting listed in Google Places.

Google Places Business Listing – A How To Guide

Your business is probably listed in Google Places,  you just need to claim it.   Let’s walk through some basic steps on how to claim your listing, optimize the information, and get it live.

Sign In Process:

  • Typically, you will need a Google Login and password.  If you are using Google Analytics or Google Adwords, it’s the same username and password.
  • Go to:  http://www.google.com/places/
  • Look for the section labeled “Get your business found on Google”
  • Click on:  ”Get Started Now”
  • Sign In

Edit/Creating Your Business Listing

  • You will be redirected to a section that allows you to search for your business.
  • Type in your business phone number and click the “Find Business Information”button.
  • You should see your business listing and an option to EDIT or Add a New Listing.
  • Adding or Editing a new listing will allow you to fill out the following business attributes.

Your Business Listing Attributes

  • Country
  • Company/Organization
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Main Phone
  • City
  • Web Site (If you don’t have a site, please check “I don’t have a website”)
  • Description (200 Characters Max)

Describing Your Business

  • Who – Describe your business.
  • What – Highlight the products or services you offer.
  • How – Succinctly describe what makes your business, services, or products unique for your customer experience.
  • Where – Incorporate the community or areas that you serve.

Business Categorization

  • Categories (Please note you have to choose predefined category initially and you can customize additional categories. Do this carefully and you should have some data analysis to validate the custom categories.)
  • Service Areas
  • Hours of Operation
  • Payment Options
  • Photos (Upload images of your business or products)
  • Link videos associated with your business.
  • Additional Details: Parking, Free Hour Consult, etc.

Submit Your Listing

  • Submit Your Listing
  • Once submitted, you’ll arrive at a page that typically offers a couple of options to verify your listing.
  • By Phone (Google will call the main business number and provide a code.)
  • By Mail (Takes 2-3 weeks and arrives on a post card)
  • Photos (Upload images of your business or products)
  • Link videos associated with your business.
  • Additional Details: Parking, Free Hour Consult, etc.

Choose the best option for your business, but phone is highly preferred.

  • At the main dashboard, the listing will have a box to input your verification code
  • Type in the code for verification.
  • The listing will go live, assuming there are not issues.

Congratulation, you have successfully submitted your listing to Google Places.

For support you may also want to reference this section:

Google Places Support

We hope this helps and thanks for reading.